What Others Are Saying About Pryme Knumber

Deliciously Funny Romp

A deliciously funny romp, Pryme Knumber is peppered with Dennis Miller like mini- rants, evokes the umami of Neal Stephenson mathematical puzzlings, and melds them together with Woody Allen style plotting and characters. The elusive egg salad recipe is a program for factoring primes but the theatre of the absurd pursuit is the same. I thoroughly enjoyed the exquisitely funny and often scathingly accurate views of Milwaukee culture and politics. Complex and richly composed, the story was bursting with multi layered flashes of insight and humor that touched on many serious topics with surprising depth. It seems a light read but the author's wealth of experience, first hand knowledge, and hard earned insightful observations of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, politics, and human nature are revealed in more careful reading. The nuanced flavors are more appreciated on the second serving, especially if you've taken the time to use a dictionary! Gotta love those obnoxious Yalie villains.

Politics in a Different Light

Matt Flynn's total hands off of respect for the political world in a kind but various humorous fashion is a wonderful relaxing read. Having left Wisconsin 42 years ago but growing up in the same era Matt did you can picture some of the characteristics, traits and total phoniness of both national and local politicians. This Washington v. Milwaukee satire is a must read for those seriously into politics who really "need a life". You will find yourself laughing out loud at some of the scenes where federal agents take themselves to seriously while making basic idiotic blunders. Lighten up and enjoy this poke fun at everyone book.

Laughed Out Loud

A funny tale and fast read. Anyone even faintly interested in politics will find this amusing. Oftentimes I found myself laughing out loud.

Ken Lamke Political Reporter (retired), Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (and former Milwaukee Sentinel)

Loved It!

A real page-turner. The story line was well-paced and engaging. There were also thought-provoking insights sprinkled throughout the book, which I appreciated. I highly recommend this book.

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